Virtual Edition on Transparency

The virtual edition on Transparency is available now, with all articles free to access for 90 days. The articles featured in this virtual edition complicate this premise by exploring transparency as an object of anthropological inquiry. A new open-access essay, Auditing Mi Familia Progresa: Transparency and Citizenship in Guatemala, by Rachel Dotson complements the previously published articles.

The articles and essay collectively illustrate the material practices, negotiations, and even impossibilities of transparency as revealed by the actions and reflections of those who encounter and wrestle with its terms in a variety of contexts. These analyses not only document actions and rituals that emerge from pursuing transparency, but they also illuminate the legalistic and political contours that inform expectations of transparency. In sum, this virtual issue takes readers “deep into the trenches of a transparency-obsessed world,” yielding important observations that Kregg Hetherington critically discusses in his commentary.

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