September 2016

The September 2016 issue of PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review (Volume 39, Issue s1) is now available. It features 10 original articles. In their editorial introduction, Heath Cabot and William Garriott write:

The articles traverse both longstanding and recently emergent themes in political and legal anthropology, approaching them in innovative and ethnographically rich ways. A few of the notable overlaps among the articles include the role and voices of migrant children in the United States (Statz, Rodriguez); ecological knowledge and its relationship with the state (Tracy, Viatori); political and legal consciousness and subjectivity (Kesselring, Westermeyer); the intersection of human rights and indigenous histories (Holcombe, Medina); and the production of bureaucracy through everyday practice and talk (George, Weiss). Additionally, a number of the articles devote significant attention to questions of power and exclusion, whether enacted at the level of the neoliberal, settler, or colonial state (Holcome, Kesselring, Medina, Viatori, Weiss); or through the apparent smoothness or transparency of the law (Rodriguez, Tracy). Articles also explore the possibility of solidarity and empowerment through political and legal processes, across a variety of social and political contexts (Holcombe, Westermeyer). The flexibility, as well as the potential violence, wrought through legal and bureaucratic processes are also granted careful ethnographic attention (Kesselring, Medina, Statz, Rodriguez).

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