APLA Paper Prize Winners in PoLAR

The 2014 Association for Political and Legal Anthropology (APLA) Student Paper Prize winner is Andrea Pia for her essay, ‘We Follow Reason, Not Law’: Disavowing the Law in Rural China. The 2016 call for submissions is available through the APLA’s website.

China: transport

PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review features a number of past winners’ work:

2013: Governing with God: Religion and Statecraft in Nigeria’s Counter-Trafficking Programs
Stacey Vanderhurst (forthcoming)

2012: Citizen-Auditors and Visible Subjects: Mi Familia Progresa and Transparency Politics in Guatemala
Rachel Dotson in Volume 37, Issue 2 
* Her open-access essay, Auditing Mi Familia Progresa: Transparency and Citizenship in Guatemala, is available as part of the 2013 Virtual Edition on Transparency.

2011: Past Loss as Future? The Politics of Temporality and the “Nonreligious” by a Japanese NGO in Burma/Myanmar
Chika Watanabe in Volume 36, Issue 1

2009: The Citizen-Soldier: Masculinity, War, and Sacrifice at an Emerging Church in Seattle, Washington
Jessica Johnson in Volume 33, Issue 2

2008: Becoming Maya? The Politics and Pragmatics of “Being Indigenous” in Postgenocide Guatemala
Karine Vanthuyne in Volume 32, Issue 2 and Virtual Issue on NGOs

2007: Gluing Globalization: NGOs as Intermediaries in Haiti
Mark Schuller in Volume 32 Issue 1 and Virtual Issue on NGOs

2006: Sexual Citizenship: Articulating Citizenship, Identity, and the Pursuit of the Good Life in Urban Brazil
Tomi Castle in Volume 31, Issue 1

2006: Fleeting Dreams and Flowing Goods: Citizenship and Consumption in Havana Cuba
Amy L. Porter in Volume 31, Issue 1

2005: Noc Reklamozdera: Democracy, Consumption, and the Contradictions of Representation in Post-Socialist Serbia
Jessica Greenberg in Volume 29, Issue 2

2004: Master of the Wood: Moral Authority and Political Imaginaries in Haiti
Greg Beckett in Volume 27, Issue 2

2003: Ambivalent Narrations: Pursuing the Political Through Traumatic Storytelling
Christopher Colvin in Volume 27, Issue 1

2002: Intensified Eth(n)ics: Arab Brazilians and Political Representation in Neoliberal Brazil
John Tofik Karam in Volume 26, Issue 1

2001: Ambivalent Builders: Europeanization, the Production of Difference, and Internationals in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Kimberley Coles in Volume 25, Issue 1

1999: The ‘Honor’ of the State: Virginity Examinations in Turkey
Ayse Parla in Volume 23, Issue 1

1998: Down By Law: Responses and Effects of Sampling Restrictions on Rap
Nitasha Sharma in Volume 22, Issue 1

1997: Suffering and the Identification of Enemies in Northern Nigeria
Conerly Casey in Volume 21, Issue

1996: Creative Destruction and Sorcery of Construction: Power, Hope and Suspicion in Post-War Mozambique
Harry G. West in Volume 20, Issue 1

Visit APLA’s website for more information on the APLA Student Paper Prize.

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  1. APLA Graduate Paper Prize | PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review

    […] The committee will select five finalists; each finalist will be assigned a mentor who shares substantive interests to offer feedback. APLA awards a cash prize of $350.00, plus travel expenses of up to $650.00 if the prize winner attends the 2016 annual meetings of the American Anthropological Association (Minneapolis, MN) to receive the prize in person. The prize winner will be announced in Anthropology News, and the winning paper will be considered for publication in PoLAR: The Political and Legal Anthropology Review. A list of winning papers published in PoLAR is available to review.  […]


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