Ethnographic Explainers

Short anthropological essays on contemporary politics

Contemporary Latin American Politics

The Politics of Spite: Confinement and the Return of Political Terror to Southern Chile

Magnus Course and Fabian Painemilla Ancan

Brazil Is Burning!

Rafael do Nascimento Cesar

The FMLN’s Electoral Implosion in El Salvador: A Fiasco Foretold?

Ralph Sprenkels

On Digital Populism in Brazil

Letícia Cesarino

Tragedy and Resilience in Brazil’s Carnival 2019

Thais Pavez and Camila Góes

Crisis in Venezuela

Naomi Schiller

Power to the People:
Between Death and Insurrection in Nicaragua

Julienne Weegels


Politics in South Asia

Dilution as Political Vitality:
Hate Crime Legislation and Right-Wing Populism in India

Pinky Hota