PoLAR Directions Digital Roundtable Discussion on Peer Review: “Thinking With” When Peer Reviewing

The inaugural Directions Digital section features a video roundtable discussion, with Directions Co-Editor Deniz Yonucu in conversation with Čarna Brković, Dada Docot, Madeleine Reeves and Saida Hodžić. Čarna Brković co-edited the PoLAR Online Emergent Conversation 16, Peer Review as Intellectual Accompaniment and Dada Docot, Madeleine Reeves and Saida Hodžić contributed essays to the collection; their essays from the Emergent Conversation are also featured in the May 2022 issue of PoLAR Directions Print, available in the journal as well as on PoLAR Online. Here, the authors and editors engage with one another’s essays and extend the conversation on peer review.


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