Political Action and Generations

Emergent Conversation 12

A discussion with Nataša Garić-Humphrey, Andrew Gilbert, Azra Hromadžić,

and Larisa Kurtović

Moderated by Jennifer Curtis

Still photos from YouTube videos by: Rap Skillz – Rap Battle – Arot VS Random; Sassja – I Dalje; Stay Positive & Brčko Beatz – Djeca 21. stoljeća; Sassja – Clash; Cap One – Dok liju kiše; King Mire ft. Edo Maajka, Frenkie, Brčkobeatz & Stay Positive – #ImamoProblem

As mass demonstrations mobilized against racial injustice in the U.S. and globally, Nataša Garić-Humphrey, Andrew Gilbert, Azra Hromadžić, and Larisa Kurtović took part in a virtual discussion of political and social movements, drawing from their extensive ethnographic research in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Their discussion explores the complex interplay of history, social movements, and generational change, and how anthropological theory engages with these phenomena. This discussion was moderated by PoLAR Associate Editor Jennifer Curtis. Nataša Garić-Humphrey’s article “Negotiating “True” Politics: Intergenerational Dynamics During Social Uprising in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina” appeared in the May 2020 issue of PoLAR; Larisa Kurtović’s article “When All That Is Solid Does Not Melt into Air: Labor, Politics and Materiality in a Bosnian Detergent Factory” appeared in the November 2020 issue of PoLAR.

Part I

Part II

Part III

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