Special Series: Reparations for Slavery and Colonialism

Emergent Conversation 10

This PoLAR Online Emergent Conversation, On Reparations for Slavery and Colonialism, engages anthropological and socio-legal scholars to understand the challenges that new reparations movements simultaneously pose and confront. It seeks to contribute to an emergent research program that engages the social worlds that produce and are produced by reparations claims for historical injustices with a focus on slavery, colonialism, segregation, and racial discrimination. Together, these pieces open a preliminary conversation about social worlds and logics of repair, and their pressing significance for anthropological research on reparations for slavery and colonialism. We are introducing the series on August 1st, Emancipation Day in the English-speaking Caribbean, with Keston Perry’s piece on climate reparations. We invite readers to continue their reflection and engagements in the coming weeks as we publish new essays weekly.

Edited by Anna Kirstine Schirrer, Digital Editorial Fellow 2019-20.


Introduction: On Reparations for Slavery and Colonialism

Anna Kirstine Schirrer


Climate Reparations: An Internationalist Approach for the Twenty-First Century

Keston K. Perry


Liberal Common Sense and Reparations for Colonial Genocide

Howard Rechavia-Taylor


Holocaust and Slavery Reparations

Thomas Craemer



Criminal Repair in the Jamaican Lotto Scam

Jovan Lewis



The Law of Humanity Has a Canon: Translating Racialized World Order into “Colorblind” Law

Vasuki Nesiah

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