Virtual Editions

Virtual Editions capture significant themes featured across a number of articles published in PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review. The first virtual edition was a companion to the symposium on NGOs featured in Issue 33(2). With the launching of the Digital Editorial Fellows (def) program in 2012, fellows rebooted it, including more open-access content and postscripts by authors. The Wiley Online Library grants free access to featured articles for 90 days after the virtual edition is published.

800px-Estuaries,_Northwest_Coast_of_Madagascar2017 Virtual Edition: Environmental Justice

Features research by James P. Boggs, Gillian Feeley-Harnik, Fabiana Li, Laurie Kroshus Medina, Kristin V. Monroe, Jessica O’Reilly, Elana Shever, and Kathleen Sullivan


immigration-court2017 Virtual Edition: Immigration

Features research by Donald Brenneis, Heath Cabot, Phyllis Pease Chock, Susan Bibler Coutin, Rebecca B. Galemba, Naomi Glenn‐Levin Rodriguez, Daniel M. Goldstein, Colin Hoag, Sarah B. Horton, Tobias Kelly, Carolina Kobelinsky, Michelle McKinley, Nicole Newendorp, and Kristin Bergtora Sandvik.

Ceiling by Miquel Barceló.2016 Virtual Edition: Anthropology and Human Rights

Features research by Elif Babül, Andrea Ballestero, Loring M. Danforth, Miia Halme-Tuomisaari, Iris Jean-Klein, Sally Engle Merry, Annelise Riles, Niels Nagelhus Schia, Teresa Sierra, and Shannon Speed, with an afterword by Julie Billaud.

theater-seats-165x165-square-version2016 Virtual Edition: Futures in Anthropology

Features research by Alice Bellagamba, Catherine Besteman, Elena Glasberg, Sami Hermez, Kathleen Lowrey, Amanda T. Snellinger, Mayssoun Sukarieh, and Chika Watanabe.

Photo-A-Choro-Residents-watching-check-signing-20062015 Virtual Edition: The Promise and Pathos of Law 

Features research by Jonathan Barrett and Luke Strongman, Kevin Karpiak, Arzoo Osanloo, Suzana Sawyer, Miriam Shakow, and Winifred Tate.


Jeffery2014 Virtual Edition: Law and Inequalities

Features research by Laura Bunt, Robert Castro, Anne Griffiths, Rusaslina Idrus, Laura Jeffery, Nicole Newendorp, Jonah Rubin, Shannon Speed and Alvaro Reyes, and Susan Terrio, as well as an interview with Susan Coutin and Sally Merry.

Life-Stories-Disclosure-and-the-Law2013 Virtual Edition: Transparency

Features research by Gerhard Anders, Andrea Ballestero, Rachel Dotson, Amy Levine, Nayanika Mathur, Michelle McKinley, Adriana Petryna, Marnie Jane Thomson, and Martin Webb, as well as commentary by Kregg Hetherington.

Sluka2012 Virtual Edition: Reflections from Occupied Worlds

Features research by Irus Braverman, Rosemary Coombe, Sally Engle Merry, Julie Peteet, Jeff Sluka, and José Almeida Vinueza, as well as an interview with Budi Hernawan and Eben Kirskey.

polar-52010 Virtual Edition: Ethnographic Perspectives on NGOs

Features research by Erica Bornstein, Lamia Karim, Lauren Leve, Kristin Peterson, Analiese Richard, Mark Schuller, Sandy Smith-Nonini, and Karine Vanthuyne.